Easing Your Fears About Dental Anxiety

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Dental phobia is one of the reasons why some people do not attend their biannual visits to their dentist. This leaves them at a higher risk for dental problems such as decay, gingivitis, and a number of other issues. Everyone experiences dental anxiety, great or small, and here at Open Door Family Dentistry, we want to create the best atmosphere for you to have a calm, stress-free dental experience.

This starts with communicating your fears or whether you’ve previously experienced a bad dental appointment. These fears could include loss of control, pain, personal space, or embarrassment. The key is to communicate with us which solution is most relaxing for you. This could be your dentist speaking you about the dental method they are using or a completely random topic such as sports or bacon.

Creating a signal can help indicate when you need to stop for a moment or if your comfort or pain tolerance is about to reach its limit. Use distracting techniques such as focusing on parts of your body to relax one at a time, breathing in and out while counting, listening to your favorite book/music, or holding a toy/stress ball.

Here in Grants Pass, Oregon, our team at Open Door Family Dentistry work hard to provide a great and dental experience for our customers. We don’t want you to avoid important visits, so give us a call at 541-479-5505 to arrange your appointment or consultation today for a better and healthy smile!