Cavity Prevention Is Possible If You Choose to Strive for It

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Did you know that cavities can be stopped without resorting to dental fillings after they have already done their damage? The truth is that cavity prevention is possible if you choose to strive for it. This includes setting daily routines for cleaning your teeth and gums, as well as regular checkups and a healthy diet.

Setting your daily routine for cavity-free smiles means you need to brush your teeth twice daily and floss daily, making sure to do a thorough job each session. You should use a brush with soft bristles, and replace it every 3-4 months or earlier if required. Also, use dental floss that won’t fray, specifically shred-resistant varieties.

Cleaning your teeth has its benefits, and so does getting your teeth professionally cleaned. You should only require a professional cleaning twice per month, but regular checkups are in order more regularly if you should need them.

The addition of additional oral health care tools can also help. This can include interdental tools such as water flossers, or supplementary tools such as mouthwash and even sugarless gum.

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