Eating Tooth-Healthy Foods

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Eating healthy is not just good for your weight and digestive system. It’s good for your teeth too. Let’s talk about what types of food strengthen your teeth.

The first foods that do wonders for your oral hygiene are—you guessed it—fruits and vegetables. These superfoods contain tons of nutrients that help your teeth. Water-rich fruits like apples and vegetables like carrots and celery are high in fiber and they produce saliva, helping to wash bacteria away from your smile. These foods also help clean your teeth in and of themselves. They act as toothbrushes, scraping away bad bacteria. They also contain vitamins A and C, vitamins that boost the health of your gums.

A second lovely food choice is cheese. Cheese can raise the pH level in your mouth and lower your risk of tooth decay. It also contains calcium and protein—substances that fortify your tooth enamel and help you prevent dental issues. And the good news is, most people love it!

A final fantastic food for your teeth is yogurt. Like cheese, it contains calcium and protein, which can strengthen your tooth enamel. Additionally, yogurt has probiotics: beneficial bacteria that can battle and defeat the bad bacteria in your mouth, helping you avoid cavities.

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